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Interview with Clare Calfield

Cafe des deux Moulins Paris  by Clare Caulfield


Here is our next interview with the talented painter Clare Calfield… Find out what really inspires her!!!!

1. Describe yourself in five words and how would your friends describe you (in five)!!

Always searching for interesting thing !

2. Your art concentrates mostly on landscapes and portraits what drives you to create these images?

I love the buzz of the city, there’s always so much happening & so much to inspire me.My painting allow me to document and record my experiences of the places I ve travelled to. It’s also great to see how other people relate to the scenes I ve created.


3. What is your favourite type media to work with and why?

I love mixed-me dig, avariety of watercolour, acrylic,dip pen & ink, pencil,pastel crayons……

I strive to create spontaneous lively linework and having a variety of media to hand helps me to achieve this.


4. What type of processes do you employ to create your work?

I combine the processes of  drawing, painting & collage I am also a printmaker too,creating original screenprints and drypoints.


5. What and where are your favourite art galleries to visit?

The craft centre + design gallery,Leeds 1853 Gallery Salts Mill, Saltaire Cambridge Contemporary Art / The Red Door Gallery Edinborough


6. Are there other contemporary artists who captivate you right now? Whose work inspires you?

Peter Clarkes quirky dog collages beautifully made out of collaged ephemera. –The illustration work of Emily Sutton – Sue Blackwell


7. What do you think the future has in store for your work, do you have anything new you are working on you would like to mention?

Hopefully I’ll continue producing paintings on my favourite cities –Paris.New York&Venice, as well as travelling to lots of new I locations to inspire me again and again!


8. Where do you go for inspiration?

Vintage fairs, Antique Shop, My book case,Venice,Paris&New Yorkand (Discovering New Cities I’ve not been too…..)


9. Where is your favourite place to create?

My studio is where I feel most at home and able to create, but producing those initial drawings in my sketch book whilst in a city is really exciting.


10. Do you have a favourite piece you’ve created? If so, why?

“Skating in central park” This piece was a challenage for me, to do aManhattanpainting but without putting in a mass of New York Yellow Taxis, I got round this by having a bustling ice rink full of little skaters instead!

11. What’s your ideal working day?

Working away in my studio on a specially commissioned painting, I love the challenge of working to a client’s brief knowing how much the piece will mean to them when it’s complete.

12. What would you like to be working on in 12 months time?

I am going to Norway in 2012 to visit the world’s most northern city – tromso I’m excited about what direction this may take my work in…………


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